A petrol station clerk was shot by a robber and saved by his HTC smartphone

htc evo 3d smartphone

Getting your life saved by a bulletproof west or a Kevlar helmet is something normal but when it comes to a smartphone to your rescue, it’s extraordinary.

A petrol station in Florida was robbed yesterday and the robber took a shot at the clerk in the station as well. His life was literally saved by his own HTC EVO 3D smartphone which was located on his front pocket. If it wasn’t for the phone, the bullet would have gone through his heart.

htc bad

The clerk also added that he din’t realize that he was shot  until he took out his phone to call the cops. He was amazed that the 12mm thick chassis smartphone could stop a bullet. On the bright side, HTC sent a “Glad that you’re okay” package to the victim which consist of a brand new HTC One, On-the-go charging device and some other cool HTC accessories. 

glad you are okay

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