A Palestinian came to Malaysia and this is what he has to say about us


“I first came to Malaysia two years ago because I thought it would be easy to adapt to living in another Sunni Muslim country. I am sorry to say this but I was shocked by the racism.

They openly express hatred for other religions and really do not understand much about other countries. They call all Africans “negro”. The relations between Muslim and Christians are not the enemy, gays are not the enemy, Chinese and Indians are not the enemy.

Most Malaysians have never met a Jewish person but already hate them more than Arabs do, even though they don’t understand the history. The English-educated people are fine, most are like other people I meet in other countries. But the other people are very simple minded and — I am sorry to say this, backward — they believe everything the government tells them.

Maybe life here is too easy and comfortable, so people don’t learn to think for themselves. They must understand that your neighbour is not your enemy. Thankfully there is no violence in this country, it is all talk, talk, talk and getting angry on Facebook, otherwise I would not remain here.” ”

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Written by FunnyMalaysia

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