A Man Strangles a Woman and Steals a Taxi to Escape

Image Credit: zafigo.com

A woman was strangled by a man at a fitness centre in Port Dickson yesterday, before escaping in a stolen taxi.

The New Straits Times’ Teoh Pei Ying reports that the 31-year-old attacker, who had drove to the gym, decided to steal the taxi to make his escape instead of using his own vehicle.

The motive for the random attack remains a mystery but the man has been arrested, says the cops.

Port Dickson district police chief Superintendent Adzli Abu Shah was quoted as saying that the gym staff had called police after the attack. Cops were stationed at exit points from Port Dickson including toll plazas in order to intercept the man.

“The taxi driven by the suspect was eventually detected about 12.30pm at the Mambau toll. A patrol vehicle waited at the toll then pursued the taxi, which later lost control along Jalan Rasah,” he says.

Police also revealed that the car driven by the man to the gym had earlier been reported to be stolen in Kuala Lumpur.