A Malaysian woman scammed for RM6.5 Million by so called her true love she met online

malaysian woman scammed

Petaling Jaya – A 63 year old woman who owns three audit firms fell in love with a “Caucasian” who she met online but she only discovered that his isn’t who he is when she’s out of RM6.5 million.

Based on the information provided in the social media, the “Caucasian” man claimed that he  is 55 years old and currently working as the General under the US military. He told the victim that he is also dealing with some business with Petronas and that the business could generate hundreds of millions of dollars. He then claimed that the business was short of capital and he requested loans from the victim to seal the business deals with Petronas.

The victim blinded with “true love” willingly transferred RM6.5 million in multiple transactions over the past 8 months. She sold her bungalow located in Bangsar and a few lands to fund that so called “business deals” as he also promised to marry her in 2 months time.

The woman’s children later on found out that she’s been conned and they lodged a police report. Police immediately investigated on this matter and the “Caucasian” man was actually 15 Nigerian men living in condominium located in Puchong. However, the victim banked in another RM50,000 to her “true love” even though the police had informed her that she was cheated. 

On the bright side, all the 15 men aged between 25-30 from Puchong were arrested and currently being investigated for other cases.

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