A human head with no ears found outside a coffee shop in Penang

head with no ears found in penang
A restaurant owner found a black plastic bag that contains a human head with no ears right in front of his coffee shop walkway earlier yesterday (24th November 2014). 
“According to the coffee shop owner, he was cleaning his shop compound when he saw the bag on the walkway. When he opened it, he saw the head covered with blood.
Penang CID chief Senior Assistant Commissioner, Mazlan Kesah, said that the victim could not be identified at the moment as they could not find any documentation, however, they believe the victim was a male between 20 and 30 years old. He also added that the victim was killed elsewhere before the head was dumped outside the coffee shop in Lorong Impian Ria 5.
Based on the CCTV footage, two people were seen pulling up on a motorcycle at around 9.30PM on Sunday and throwing the bag onto the walkway. However, the suspects were wearing helmets and the motorcycle number plates were too blurry.
According to Mazlan Kesah, the police team are still processing the CCTV footage and they are collecting footage from other CCTVs nearby to help the investigation. He is also urging those with any information regarding this case to come forward.

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