A German engineer revealed how dangerous it is to drive Perodua Myvi and Alza

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I wrote this blog-post about the fact that neither Perodua nor the Malaysian Road Safety Department, or the “AAM” or any of the “Malaysian Insurance Companies” have bothered to take any action against Perodua to make the Perodua Alza & Mivy cars safe according to international standards.

Perodua know about the deadly dashboard feature that they used to construct their product and has changed this deadly feature by the new Perodua AXIA back to international standard – the Perodua Axia car is safe in this matter!

It is a must to change the deadly dashboard feature for all Perodua Alza and Myvi cars which are on the road back to safe and according to international safety standards! 

Perodua Alza & Myvi – what is wrong with these cars?

Have you have ever realised that you were driving your Alza or Myvi during night times inside the city where the roads are lightened and without turning your head lights on? I am very sure you have!

A very dangerous and scary situation!

You are not responsible or too dumb to drive – for sure!

The cause of this problem was caused by the engineers from Perodua and the approval from the M;alaysian National Road Safety Department “MIROS” must have been “sleeping” on their job when they gave their approval to Perodua Alza and Myvi and endorsed the features on these cars as safe

This irresponsible endorsement is highly risky for yourself and your passengers! This in turn also poses danger to the public who are on the road!

Now I tell you why you have not been aware that you have driven during night time without turning your vehicle’s headlights on!

The international safety standards for all vehicle brands worldwide is as follow:

When you switch on the head lights, your dasboard light will be lighted up simultaneously. This means that when the dasboard light is on, you can be very sure your headlights are on and  you can drive safely!

This international safety standard is disregarded by Perodua Alza and Myvi!

When you enter your Perodua Alza or Myvi car and when you start your engine, the dashboard light will be lighted automatically – regardless whether this is done during day or night!

This deadly feature mislead you terribly and give you a wrong impression that you have already turned on your headlights when in actual fact, it is not turned on!

Imagine driving on roads where the light visibility is low, the driver cannot see clearly the surrounding especially when a pedestrian crosses the road right in front of the vehicle or the oncoming vehicle will not be able to see that the vehicle without lighted headlights is travelling down the same road and when the vehicle decides to make a turn It can hit this unlighted vehicle, causing very serious accidents and/or your death!

Therefore, you do not have any control and/or warning that you are driving without turning your vehicle’s headlights during night!

I have driven in my life for more than 3 Million km in arround 30 different car brands and/or car types and all cars was having the same safe international feature: Head lights on – dasboard light on.

My wife bought the Perodua Myvi in August 2014 to surprise me. When I first drove this Perodua Myvi, I was in shock as I have discoverd this deadly feature!

Maybe you think you can learn overcome this deadly feature by using it the right way? 

Very wrong – all it takes is only one time when you forget to turn on your headlights during the night, it can be the end of your life – no joke!

I noticed that every time when I drive home to Puchong Kinrara from Bukit Bintang at night time, between 1 to 5 Perodua cars would be driving without head lights on.

To make matters worse, most of these vehicles are black in colour and this lowers down the visibility of other drivers towards these vehicles – this is really a very scary combination!

It would be a nightmare for me and my wife to be involved in an accident with such “ghost car” without headlights.

To make it very clear, none of those responsible bodies/authorities in this country is interested to make the roads safer, to reduce the accident rates or to save lives as a result of “dumb” and irresponsible car makers.

“The Star” and “The Sun” newspaper take care of their own interests to make daily advertising for Perodua. This is more important than to write actual and life saving reports and  facts.

They have not replied to my queries in my report to them and also is not interested to inform the public!

The “AAM” is unable to inform their newsletter readers – the answer from them is very interesting and shows the mind-set of the AAM management!

The Perodua management, the Malaysian Institute of Road safety and many other institutions and most of the car  insurance companies dare not respond to my request to make the road safer!

No answer and no comment – ignorance and inhumanity from all irresponsible institutions!

I wrote on the 20th of August 2014 to:

To the Management of Perodua and Board of Directors @ crd@perodua.com.my

Forwarded to:

Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) dg@miros.gov.my

Customer Relations Dept.; dg@miros.gov.myaduan@mot.gov.myppm@pmo.gov.my;

To Tan Sri Dato’ Hj. Muhyiddin Yasin
http://www.yellavia.com/contact.php sent by contact form on their website!

“The Star” newspaper

“The Sun” newspaper

and on the 12th of January 2015 to:


and on the 12th of January 2015 to the Insurance companies:


I have not received an answer!

Here are the original e-mails I have sent to all of them including reminders:

20th of August 2014

Good day!

My name is Wolf Vaupel. I am a German mechanical engineer and safety engineer for manufacturing machines and for road safety, retired and married with a Malaysian Chinese Lady living in KL.

My wife drives a brand new Perodua Myvi car designed and manufactured by your company.

I was shocked when I was driving this Perodua Myvi for the first time about the fact that this car has a safety risk feature on the lighting in the dashboard when the engine is turned on whether it is day time or night time – maybe some people find it funny or nice – but this feature made the driver thinks that especially during night time he has already switched on the headlights to drive safely and according to the law.

I have driven more than 3 Million km, in at least 30 different type of cars in all parts of the world and a standard feature for car lighting on the dashboard area where the odometer and fuel gauge is installed only becomes lighted when you switch on the head lights.

However, this feature does not apply to the Perodua Myvi!

This Perodua dashboard lighting feature is dangerous for drivers. The only indicator for a driver to be sure he drives with “the headlights on” is the dashboard lighting coming on.

When the dashboard lighting is wrongly set up as in the case of the Perodua Myvi & Alza then nobody is aware when he drives without head lights!

My wife and I often noticed and wondered why much Perodua Myvi & Alza drivers drive without their headlights on the road and we try to alert them by sounding our horn but they look at us as if we are from the moon!

I believe this erroneous feature on the Perodua Myvi cars is very deadly as the drivers are not aware that their headlights are not on even though their dashboard lights are on and their visibility on the road is reduced during night time driving on the lighted roads.

When one drive during the night time without their headlights on, it is as good as driving blindfolded. This can cause very serious and fatal accidents! Who is responsible for these accidents when that happens?

Now we know the answer why many Perodua drivers drive without headlights on during the night.

Who designed and created this feature? Who certified that this lighting feature is safe for drivers?  

After driven for more than 3 million km’s, I have never seen in my life so many car drivers driving during night time without turning their car headlights on as here in Malaysia and approximately 90% of them are Perodua car drivers.

I am sure the accident statistics will show that there are a lot of accidents that happened at night time due

to this nonsensically dashboard lighting feature installed. How many people do you think have died due to this design nonsense?

With such dangerous feature where this Malaysian Perodua Myvi & Alza cars are built will never receive a US or Europen Standard certification.

Active road safety starts with the safe design and construction of vehicles! 

Road safety is not taken seriously in Malaysia as you can see on every km of the road in KL, there are holes up to 2m² in dimension and up to 30 cm deep. What nonsense does the authorities do in place of the road taxes that they collect from tax payers when each day the drivers on the road risked their lives and limbs driving on roads that are full of holes. Our vehicles are damaged and we risk getting into accidents as the roads are not safe and conducive for safe driving.

The same authorities that collects road taxes has to make sure that only safe built up cars are driven on the roads.

I urged that all involved institutions to undertake immediately to revaluate and to correct this safety feature on the present owners of Perodua Myvi free of charge. New vehicles should only be sold if they fulfil the general and international safety standards!

Yesterday I was with my wife at the Perodua Service center in Shah Alam and had spoken to the Service Operation Executive Mohd Azzam Firdaus Bin Mohd Razali and highlighted this dangerous feature to him in the hope that this feature can be corrected asap.

When you change this deadly feature to international car safety standard by my wife’s car? Let me know urgently!

Best regards

Wolf Vaupel

I have not received an answer!

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Good day Mr. Mohd.

Thank you for your time.

As I promise you I forward to you the emails to Perodua Headquarter.

This answer I received on the 4th of September 2014 and since this 

time nothing more.

The Perodua management are sleeping pills, reckless arrogant and 

and they have no sense of responsibility. 

Perodua risk deliberate daily customers life and they risk deadly accidents. 

Should Perodua not speed up and inform the public about this very 

dangerous feature then I will set up a Internet site to inform the public. 

This is not a joke!

The prove that Perodua know about this deadly feature is the new Axia!

By this car Perodua has changed back to international standard.


R E M I N D E R !


No Answer up to now!

When you change this deadly feature on our Perodua MIVY???

Here the e-mails to and from AAM

Appointment with the management of AAM regarding Perodua Myvi and Alza cars

Good day to the management of AAM!

My name is Wolf Vaupel, retired German, 65 years young, married local with a Chinese Malaysian Lady.

My background is mechanical engineering, safety engineering in working and road safety.

I live here in Malaysia for approx. 11 years and I have the feeling your AAM association is only a simple car break down service for towing cars and nothing more.

Instead to take the chance to improve the road safety in the country with the power of 300,000 members you do nearly nothing and/or for sure not enough!

I will show and explain you the effectiveness from your counterpart in Germany the ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil Club = General German Automobile Club).

The ADAC is a leader organisation to boost up the German national and also the European and international road safety and has developed own crash test (Euro crash test standards) to find out the construction faults from all cars on the road.

They show also statistics from car break downs over the whole year per car maker and car type. The ADAC inform their members in the monthly ADAC Magazine and through an online email service from all the tests. The ADAC advice constantly the car industry and the government to improve car and road safety.

To get the driver licence people has to go to private driving schools and there are very clear procedures for the driving teachings. The exam is taken by the TÜV. The TÜV is a similar institution to the Malaysian SIRIM and is responsible for all technical and electrical safety in the country and the TÜV take the driving exams for driver licences.

In Germany every driver licence student has to go to 12 hours theoretical teachings at the end with an exam of around 50 questions. 45 answers have to be right, otherwise teachings again and exam again!

The driving teaching on the road is divided in a minimum of 12 hours basic driving in the city and teachings how to park a car backwards, using roundabout, stop and go etc. as a basic training and then comes a 4 hours teaching on out station roads and minimum 3 hours on highways, a 2 hours night drive including teachings how to use a speed up lane and how to use an off-ramp on the highway and in general. Sorry, but all this known here almost nobody.

Especially for bus and truck drivers are special schools and procedures with follow-up tests every 2 years, above 50 years on age every year! Buses and trucks have to go every 3 month for technical check to TÜV.

We have had in Germany 1960 approx. 11.6 M vehicles on the road with 518,793 accidents and 16,477 dead, in 2010 approx. 52.3 M vehicles on the road with 378,418 accidents and   3,648 dead.

This figures you can find in a table on page 9:


This means the cars on the road was increasing at factor 4.5 and the dead rate was reduced at factor 4.5 ending in the result that the dead rate was going down at a factor 20.25!

The dead rate was per 10,000 vehicles was 1960 = 14.2 dead compare to 2010 with 0.7 dead per 10,000 vehicles.

These goals to reach you can only do with the right teachings, discipline and strict enforcement.

By the way you have here in Malaysia approx. 30% more police man per 100,000 people than Germany by a work load of crime, road safety, all accident documentation for the insurance and court, environment crime and fully responsible for people’s safety in their houses.

We have no guarded communities in Germany! 

There must be something very wrong with the Malaysian police guidelines!!!

By the way we have in Germany no bumpers on our roads – also not on schools. There is a 30 km/h speed limit and continuously rotating mobile speed control with very high fines.

Bumpers are not able to teach people anything. Discipline has to be implementing in the brain by teachings and enforcement.

I will show and explain you the deadly features from the Perodua MYVI and ALZA who are against international road safety standards and will let you know how lousy the information policy from Perodua, the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS), The STAR and The SUN newspaper is.

I have complaint to the Management from Perodua Glenmarie Service Centre on the 19th August 2014 and I wrote to the Perodua Headquarter on the 20th of August 2014 and a reminder on the 4th September 2014. Not any reaction.

I have complaint to the Manager Mr. Mohd Khairil Izani Bin Ibrahim from the Perodua Service Centre in Shah Alam Monday 27th October 2014 again and have explained to him.

I have sent also the information to The Star and The Sun newspaper on 20th August 2014. No reaction!

Perodua, MIROS and the newspapers risk daily people’s lives with hiding information about this deadly feature.

It will be helpful when you use your power to inform your 300,000 members about this very dangerous feature in Perodua cars Myvi and Alza.

Ironical: The newly presented Perodua Axia has changed back to international standard and has not more this deadly feature! This is a clear indication that Perodua know exactly that the features in the Myvi and Alza are wrong!

The Mivi and Alza cars that are already on the road have to renew this feature free of charge to international standard and safety.

When you drive night times in KL you can see any time Perodua Mivi and Alza cars driving without lights! I show and tell you why!

Let me please know when you have time to explain to you this case on the object “MYVI”.

In between best regards

Wolf Vaupel,

Dear Sir,

We are sorry sir for this matter you may need to refer with Malaysian
Automotive Association (MAA) because we, Automobile Association of
Malaysia (AAM) only provides breakdown and towing services for private use
cars to all our members. For more information on MAA you may click the
link: http://www.maa.org.my/

Thank you & Best Regards,
Ms Irina
Member Relation Unit (MRU)
Automobile Association of Malaysia
225, Block 4
No 7 Persiaran Sukan Laman Seri Business Park
Section 13
40100 Shah Alam
Tel (603)5511 1932 ext 114
Fax (603) 5511 3314

Hello Ms Irina,

Thank you for your reply.

This is what I thought and this is exactly the point for me never to join such irresponsible organisation like AAM.

The AAM is not helpful for their members and very ignorant too! 

You report on your news letter only news about new cars and nice information’s from the car makers like this: http://www.maa.org.my/pdf/Berita-MAA-November-2014.pdf

This I have well understood!

It seems to me the AAM like only to be good friend to all car makers and support all nonsense what they bring to the road. 

Is the AAM sponsored from car makers like Perodua and this commitment ends in accepting harmed and dead people caused by those car makers?

The management of AAM should change their mind set and should act as procurator or speaker for their members health and needs! To ignore and hide deliberately such very important information is disrespectful and against your members interests!

The Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) is the same strange institution like AAM. I wrote them and they are also not willing to do anything – they also do not answer me and they do really nothing!

Are in Malaysia all I wrote devoted to car makers to hide such deadly facts?

I am fine with this!

I will set up a special Website and I will inform the Perodua MYVI and ALZA owners about the policy from all Malaysian institutions I wrote too.

I will set on the Internet all the original correspondence that the Malaysian population know how unscrupulous the responsible organisations and institutions acting.

That people are since years injured and some dead with this stupid car feature in Myvi and Alza cars and this don’t border people like the management of Perodua, AAM, MAA, the Malaysian Road Transport Department, The Star and The SUN News Paper…

It is unbelievable how ignorant and unscrupulous all organisations play conscious with peoples life and have no interests to inform the car owners about this deadly car feature!

I have informed today all Malaysian insurance companies to search in their past and current car accidents for accidence with Alza and Myvi cars during night times and to search in the police reports.

I personally see every night when I am on the road within the city that especially Myvi and Alza cars driving without light!

Watch yourself when you drive night times on the opposite road site the cars and you will see it too! 

Best regards

Wolf Vaupel

By the way, here is the member rate from ADAC:

The German ADAC has 18 Million members – paying members – who participates actively in the activities in making the vehicles safer and road safety and the fantastic information policy around the cars and their safety standards on the internet and in a monthly ADAC magazine.

It shows that every 3rd vehicle owner is ADAC member!

Have a look that you see how much information’s (sorry it is in German):


How is the member rate by AAM?

Malaysia has 21.25 Million vehicles on the road and only 300,00 are AAM members!

The satisfaction with AAM must be very bad! 

Only every 71th vehicle owner is AAM member!

This comparison tells you a lot! 

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