A Big Boo To AR Rahman Show Organisers!

Image Credit: dcinema.tv

Stadium Merdeka- Most audience and Ar Rahman fans were angry at the organisers for delaying a national artist show after waiting for 3 hours under the rain on Saturday. The show which was suppose to start at 8pm only started at 11pm.

Many people were unhappy with it as the tickets were very expensive and it was not worth it at all. Some audiences were heard complaining that the ones who paid cheaper tickets came to sit with the ones who paid few hundreds extra ringgit and they find it to be very unfair. Many are posting their dissatisfaction on their Facebook wallks and also on the organisers Facebook page, Black Horse.

Ar Rahman is a national artist who had won many awards like Oscar, Grammy, Golden Globe and many more. However, the concert turns out to be such a dissapointed due to all the delays and a short concert. The organisers claimed that the show will be for three hours, however, the show ended at 1am and most audience wants their money to be refunded back.

Some audiences were angry and dissatisfied for the money they paid for the AR Rahman concert. The tickets were so expensive, but almost everyone had to soak in rain for more than 3 hours. Some were there since 2pm waiting for the gate of the stadium to open so that they could get a good view of Ar Rahman and the show.

These are some of the reviews for the AR Rahman concert on Facebook.

“Give this show to the university students, they know better ways to organize it with pure passion….
You guys hunt for profits, but neglected the importance of quality..

Super embarrassment!” – Shatish Rao-

“How could you make him tear up? make us disappointed like that? It’s not abt the money, its abt the quality you deliver” -Nhivashini Womasuthan-