A 46 year old man from Kajang has been having sex with his daughter for 3 years

man and daughter

A 46 year old man is currently being investigated as he have been having sexual intercourse with his daughter whenever the wife is not around.

This whole situation is noticed by an uncle who runs a hair salon where the 21 year old daughter works as well.

The uncle borrowed her mobile phone once to make a call as his phone ran out of battery and he was very shocked to see “steamy” messages coming from her father. He immediately questioned her with pressure and finally she confessed. She also revealed that she has been having sex with her father since she was 18 and that she is in love with him. He then brought her to her father and confronted this situation to him and his wife. The father just sat in silence while the wife was deeply distraught over the revelation.The daughter also added that after sexual intercourse with the father, he would give her money.

The uncle then brought her to the Kajang police station to lodge a police report.

The man/father has been remanded until 26th November 2013 and the case is being investigated under 376A of the Penal Code for incest. The offence carries a jail sentence between 6 – 20 years and whipping upon conviction.

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