9 Types of people you don’t want to meet in Malaysian clubs

party people you dont want to meet-compressed
1. Star F**ker


A person who is obsessed with and seeks out personal interaction with Djs/celebrities in a particular night club. The desired interaction is often, but not necessarily, sexual in nature.
2. Freeloader


A freeloader is someone who exploits chances to get free drinks whenever possible.
3. Fighter

drunk pig

A person who drinks enough to get high and picks fight with strangers causing the party to go a little messy.
4. Your Ex

your ex

One of your previous significant others whom you’ve had a relation-shit, and coincidentally, a break up with. In most cases, not someone you ever want to see again.
5. Your ”friend” that brings your ex

your eex friends-compressed

That’s right! The friend that doesn’t understand the bro-code.
6.Your Ex’s new boyfriend/girlfriend


It’s a small world…….
7. Your Ex’s friends 

malaysian clubbing girls

It’s either the world is too small or you need to find a new place to party.
8. BBM – Budak Baru Maju

budak baru maju

For those of you who don’t know…This term “Budak Baru Maju” means a person who just started partying and pretends to know every single thing about partying. #BudakBaruMaju
9. Police and JAIS


You know the party is over…

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