9 Types of people I meet checking in hotels in Malaysia

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1. The malay couple trying to talk english when check in bcause they know its haram to sleep together but then time check in give ic tulis nama melayu 

2. People that want to chit chat loud as crazy at hall lobby and while walking to room. Damn son no manners ke?

3. The complain type of customer. “Why no slippers in room?” “we dont give that here sir” “why u dont give slippers?” “Not sure sir but we do have other free utilities” “why u dont know u working there also dont know ke??” Bro, I work as front desk its not my farking hotel la its not me who decide wht to put as free gift..


4. People who like slamming the door just to close it. Believe me. Theres a lot. I really dont understand why.

5. People who try to ugut by saying they want discount or they will go other hotel. Lol. Seriously I’m just a front desk i really dont give a shit if u want to check in to other hotel

6. The langsi type who campak the money on the table when paying. Bro, kalau so rich why you don’t go 5 star

7. The racist type of customer. “This hotel owner apa bangsa ha cina ke?” “Yes cina” “ok good i want 1 room”

8. The afraid kantoi check in type dont want to give contact number everything, the contact number we will only contact if u left something in the room only. Not to save your data give at bank or police station. Paranoid betul.


9. Mabuk and try to make problem type. Always got samseng mabuk and then said his room got problem dont want to pay or after clean his room his 10k money is missing la

P.S. – The craziest customer that I have met is one mat saleh guy drunk come in hotel cakap already check in after that i tgk cctv he is running at 3rd floor while cabut seluar kencing depan pintu2 guest lain. Lol and then running outside sleep dekat semak. Nasib baik cleaner yang kena bersihkan all his pee.

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