9 Things You Didn’t Know About SMART Tunnel


1. SMART stands for Stormwater Management And Road Tunnel


2. It is the longest stormwater tunnel in Southeast Asia 

3. It is also the longest multi-purpose tunnel in the world


4. Stormwater tunnel?


The main objective of this tunnel is to solve the problem of flash floods in Kuala Lumpur and also to reduce traffic jams along Jalan Sungai Besi and Loke Yew flyover at Pudu during rush hour.

5. How it works

The first mode, under normal conditions where there is no storm, no flood water will be diverted into the system. When the second mode is activated, flood water is diverted into the bypass tunnel underneath the motorway tunnel. The motorway section is still open to traffic at this stage. When the third mode is in operation, the motorway will be closed to all traffic. After making sure all vehicles have exited the motorway, automated water-tight gates will be opened to allow flood waters to pass through. The motorway will be reopened to traffic within 48 hours of closure.

no storm

mode 2

mode 3

6. As of 18 July 2010 the SMART system has prevented seven potentially disastrous flash floods in the city centre

7. In 2008, SMART tunnel won the British Construction industry International Award (BCIA) 

Among those that were shortlisted in the International category were China’s Beijing Airport, Amsterdam’s Bijlmer Arena Stadium and Japan’s Shin-Marunouchi Towers.

8. And in 2011, the SMART tunnel received the UN Habitat Scroll of Honour Award for its innovative and unique management of storm water and peak hour traffic

9. Unlike other tunnels you can listen to your favourite FM radio channels in this tunnel

Radio Channels Available In SMART Tunnel

Nasional FM87.7 MHz
BFM 89.989.9 MHz
Fly FM95.8 MHz
hitz.fm92.9 MHz
Hot FM97.6 MHz
KL FM97.2 MHz
Radio Klasik FM95.3 MHz
Traxx FM90.3 MHz

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