9 Things the Malaysian Police and Government knows but No Action is Being Taken

malaysian police and government

There are plenty of things in  Malaysia that the police force and government are ignoring just to benefit their pocket. But here we only can dig up 9 of them. 

1. Massage Parlours that offers extra service. Sunway Mentari, Subang Jaya, KL, PJ, and almost every state in Malaysia

2. Prostitution- Every state will most likely have this indecent service as well

cheese massage


3. Illegal Casinos – Famous among students and “uncles”. It’s everywhere making it look like it’s legal.

4. Racial Issues – Malaysia is still considered as a very very racist country. You and I both know this is a fact! But why nothing is changing?

5. Bribery 

6. Pirated DVD – In night markets, roadsides, and even in food courts. 

7. Monopoly – Our government is actually into all sort of business. Advertising (Big Tree), Petrol (Petronas), Plantation (Sugar & Palm Oil), Electricity (TNB) and way much more. Well, monopoly isn’t a bad thing, but when its the government who is doing such thing, it is really bad. The prices can go up anytime for their benefit and nothing much is given back to the “Rakyat”.

Packs of sugar are seen inside a shop in Kuala Lumpur


8. Overflowing of Illegal Immigrants 

9. Car Prices are too damn high and it’s all to protect Proton and Perodua

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