9 Things Malaysians can do now that the petrol prices have decreased

petrol price decreased
1. You can rev your car like there is no tomorrow…Vrooooommmm Vrooooommm~

drifting parking lot

2. Since Malaysians are always late..You can now wait for them in the car with your air-cond on
3. You can drive to the 7-eleven/grocery store that’s only 20 meters away from your house..Vroooooommmmm~
4. You no longer need to argue with your friends on who is going to drive

ill drive

5. Toll? Pfffftttt..Vrooooommmmm~

oh dear

6. On top of that, you can take your own sweet time to use a longer route just for fun
7. You can also tapau awesome roadside food (Example: SS15 Rojak) and eat it in the comfort of your own car with the air-cond ON

eating in the car

8. Speaking about food, you can now travel for food (Example: During office hour lunch time)..But don’t go too far lah foodie
9. Since RON 97 price also decreased, you can pump RON 97 petrol for your Myvi

myvi ron97

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