9 Struggles Of Being A Woman In Malaysia

women struggles malaysia

1. If we get involved in an accident, people immediately think its our fault

2. We have to live with the fear of getting killed or being raped if we walk alone at night

3. Speaking of getting killed, carrying handbags on our shoulders is now dangerous..We always hear stories about our friend’s friend who got her handbag snatched


4. We also get bullied on the road

road bully1

5. If we are pissed off for some reason, the men will think that we are on PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome)

6. Being a leader in politics, in work place or even at home seems almost impossible..In other words, whatever we say will only be “taken into consideration”

7. Speaking about work, its harder for us to get promoted but its easy for us to be a promoter

hot promoters malaysia-compressed

8. When we are 35 and not married…we are known as MILF….We don’t see men getting called with weird names when they are 35 and not married. Hmmm

9. And lastly, being open minded makes us a bitch

the bitch

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