9 Stereotypes of Chinese boyfriends in Malaysia

chinese boyfriend stereotypes 2
For those of you who don’t know, Kiam Siap is a Chinese word of the hokkien dialect that means stingy/kedekut. 
1. Go out on a dinner date and he splits the bill – KIAM SIAP


2. Go on a vacation and he splits the hotel bill, transportation bill and everything else that comes with a bill – KIAM SIAP


3. Ask him to go and watch movie with you in the cinema, he will say why not buy the pirated DVD and watch at home or download it online – KIAM SIAP


4. He joins you for dinner with your parents and he expects your parents to pay his meal – KIAM SIAP

asian parents-compressed

5. Go on a road-trip with some friends to some beach and he asks you to split the petrol – KIAM SIAP


6. He will always complain to you if you go shopping and “waste money” – KIAM SIAP


7. He will always ask you to eat chap fan (mixed rice) instead of eating at all this awesome cafes that serves awesome cakes and foods… 🙁 – KIAM SIAP!!!

chap fan malaysia

8. And if you ask him why do you split the bills and eat cheap food, he will say…NO MONEY – KIAM SIAP


9. The best part is that all of those bills that you both split does not include GST yet…He will split those as well – KIAM SIAP

thats my boy

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