9 Reasons Why It’s Less Stressful to Date a Short Haired Girl

1. She will not yell at you if you roll down the window and the wind messes her hair up. In fact, short hair looks better when it’s messed up, it’s funkier.

short haired girl

2. She can give you advice on what kind of hair wax, hair gel, hairspray to use– girls are very particular about their hair products.
3. If the two of you ever go for a haircut together, you’ll finish at the same time. There is no waiting around for you to do.

looks like a million bucks

4. Short hair is economic, it saves shampoo, water, electricity, time. Therefore, you save a lot of moolah.
5. It takes a shorter time for her to get ready when you’re going out, because there really isn’t much to do with the hair. So when she says 5 minutes, it really is 5 minutes!

shes ready

6. You won’t hear her complaining about bad hair day, it’s really hard to have a bad hair day when your hair is that short
7. When you’re spooning, there will be no hair all over your face. Unless you voluntarily bury your face in her hair.
8. You kiss her neck and shoulders anytime, they’re bare and right there.


9. They are somehow sexier because of their confidence and ability to rock the short hair. They also easily stand out from the crowd, they dare to be different and you know they don’t conform to social conventions. They like to take risks and are adventurous!
Written By: Gowri Krishnan

Written by Gowri Krishnan

Gowri is a radio announcer and content creator at DurianASEAN.com. She's your typical curl-up-in-bed-with-a-book kinda girl; who loves Real Madrid and will sell her soul to get into Tarantino's head.