9 Facts About Malays/Melayu in Malaysia

malays in malaysia

It’s about time for us to reveal the facts about Malays here in Malaysia. Well, just don’t take it seriously folks. These facts might be true or probably not. So, go through it and have a good time.

1. We make the BEST nasi lemak and rendang compared to other races

nasi lemak and rendang


2. We stare at our own kind for no reason



3. We think all Malays that wears “skinny jeans” and slippers are rempits!

mat rempit


4. No matter what public holiday, we MUST take off too

malay holiday


5. We are not cheap

melayu kaya


6. We are Lazy

malays are lazy


7. BUT without us, the economy in Malaysia will be in bad shape and that’s because we are the biggest population here

kuala lumpur


8. We think that we are VERY good in DOTA. But we are not



9. We BOYCOTT a lot of things. BUT we still consume them!


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