9 Facts About Indians in Malaysia

10 facts about indians in malaysia

Indians are one of the biggest population here in Malaysia and we think there is lots to say about them. We are not being racist here or anything, we are just showing you guys what stereotypes out there would think about the Indians in Msia.

1. No food is perfect without Curry!

indians love curry


2. Our mothers cannot get enough of Tamil TV Drama

tamil tv drama and malaysian


3. Doctors, Engineers and Lawyers are what our parents want us to be

parents want us to be doctor engineer and shit


4. We stare at our own kind too often for no reasons

indians stare too often


5. We are the cheapest among all races in Malaysia and we are proud of it. (Being cheap is good)

cheap indians


6. We are naturally good in Numbers

indian good in maths


7. People claimed that Indians have high tolerance of Alcohol and it makes us look COOL!

indians high tolerance of alcohol


8. We work harder than anyone else!

indians work harder


9. Lastly! If it’s not Gold, It’s not nice!

indian man loves gold

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