9 Facts About IKEA, Damansara

ikea damansara facts

1. Majority of the people that goes there are Malay and Chinese. Not sure why Indians rarely go there

2. The parking on the weekends is terrible

ikea parking damansara

3. Many of you do not really buy the furniture from there unless it’s really really cheap. Most of you go for the small and cheap items like the clock, plates and even the “puzzle mirrors”

cheap ikea clock

4. Speaking of buying furniture, the price of it can be considered as reasonable BUT the assembling and delivering charges by the IKEA management is just ridiculous

5. The place is very systematic and it’s a good thing. But at times when you only want to get one particular thing which is located at the other end of IKEA, they make you walk part by part and you ended up getting more things

crazy shopping at ikea damansara

6. The meatballs and the RM2 hot dogs are probably the best thing that happen to you in that place

meatballs in ikea awesome

7. Second best thing that happens to you is their pencils. We are pretty sure many of you walk out of that place with at least 2 of the pencils or probably a dozen of them

8. The only thing that you don’t really check out in IKEA is their plants

ikea plants damansara

9. Many of you don’t know that you can actually take a nap on their beds, chairs or even carpets. The staffs there are not allowed to chase you away

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