8 Types of Annoying People You Meet in Malaysian Cinemas

malaysian cinema

1. He/She who never stops talking

scary shit

2. The one who never silence the phone

never silence

3. There is always this one person who laughs extremely loud during a comedy scene

laughing in cinema

4. Sleeping in a cinema is fine.. But there are some who sleeps sounding like a sports car exhaust pipe

sleep in cinema

5. The guy/girl who just can’t stop SMS-ing. The moment he/she turns on the phone to reply a message (You will get what I mean by observing the image below)


6. The one who blocks your view. Either the person has a big head or he/she is just too tall

cant see head

7. The smuggler – The person who smuggles food in. (Example: smuggling KFC in).. You will be basically thinking about KFC the whole time because of the aroma

kfc chicken

8. He/She who goes to the toilet often and has to pass through you

cinema passing through

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