8 Things You’re Probably Doing Wrong

Image Source: says.com

1. Pooping


According to several studies, pooping on a western toilet is bad for your bowels. But you don’t have to crouch on a hole or next to a tree to get the benefits of a correctly angled rectum. Instead, use a step stool to make your body into the correct shape while still on the ceramic throne you’re used to.

Your butthole will thank you (by not getting hemorrhoids).

2. Adjusting the rear-view mirrors of your car

When you adjust your side mirrors, usually you turn them so that you can see the back sliver of your car and think you’re good to go. But you already know where the back of your car is: it’s right behind you!! Instead, turn your mirrors until just after your car disappears from view and you can almost eliminate those pesky and dangerous blind spots.

3. How to crack eggs

Cracking an egg on the side of a bowl usually leaves little shells on the raw egg that are a pain to remove. Instead, slowly tap the egg on the counter or a cutting board and then use both of your hands to pull the two sides apart. No more shell pieces..

4. Flushing the toilet 

flush toilet

If you’re flushing with the lid up, guess where all those particles and germs are going when they’re stirred up by the swirling action? Into the air! On your body! On your toothbrush, probably!

5. Holding a slice of pizza

holding a slize of pizza-compressed

6. Pouring from a carton of milk/juice

7. Holding a burger

holding a burger

If you want to keep the innards of your burger inside the burger, you gotta whip out those pinkies. Scientists actually found this method to be the most effective way to hold a burger.

8. And this is how you should peel potatoes 


Using a peeler to get your potatoes naked is fine if you hate your time. But if you want to do this magic seen above, boil your potatoes FIRST, then pop them in an ice water bath for a mere five seconds and the skin will slide right off.


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