8 things you face when you’re in a WhatsApp group that you don’t want to be in

1. You find yourself in a group that talks non stop about unimportant things and you will see 150 odd Whatsapp messages


2. You will have many types of group, for example: your high school friends group, your sports group, your work friends group, your family group and some random group that you have no reason to be inside


3. And usually you will put the group on mute and you will only check their messages once a week 
4. When you browse your phone gallery you will see so many unwanted pictures that was sent from these WhatsApp groups. Some pictures are very disgusting and offensive in many ways. If you know what I mean


5. But there are times where you will go through the chats to pass time but you will regret instantly
6. And in those times when you are free, you will participate in the group chat, you will instantly come across someone annoying in the group chat


7. Sometimes out of frustration you would leave the group and your other friends will be asking you, ”Why you left the group? Is everything ok?”. 
8. And the rest of the people in the group chat will say that you are an immature person for leaving the WhatsApp group. 


Written by FunnyMalaysia

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