8 things women find most physically attractive in Men.

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So, girls, here is a list of 8 things women find most physically attractive in Men. Before writing this, i had some source and also i ask a few of my girl friends to verify that. Well, it is not a 100% score but it is good enough. How about the people in FUNNYMALAYSIA.NET, girls do you agree? Are you all secretly attracted to these? Please verify. If it true, guys!, you should know what to do and where to improve!. This only applies in Malaysia!?


8. Eyes. 


I think in Malaysia, most of the men have the same pair of eyes, mine is boring, haha. But it is in this list, because in the Europe, they really do have a beautiful pairs of eyes. It is a women killer when a man with gorgeous pair of eyes stare directly into the women eyes. 


7. Broad Shoulders.


Broad shoulders > dropping shoulders. Agree? 


6. Facial.


Generally speaking, some girls like smooth skin on a men, some don’t bother. But i think, smooth skin is winning more. 


5. Legs.


Well, i guess, in the guys section this will be rated the highest?. Nevertheless, girls do see the legs of men too. Agree?


4. Back.


A man with a wide back is sexy, especially if you caught one shirtless in the beach and you are trailing along behind.


3. Hair. 


Well, bald guys. It’s better you improve your other qualities. Just kidding! I guess, last time having a great hair (Like Elvis Presley) does attract women attention too!. A messy hair is a huge no no, and we all know why.


2. Height.


In my opinion, most women really do like a tall man. Usually taller men will be noticed first. Girls do prefer guys to be taller then them. But again, not all girls like taller guys. 


1. Butt.


Not only guys look at girls butt, but it is vice versa. Girls look at guys butt too. Having a great butt makes you look even better when you wear a pair of jeans, and that will catch the girls attention too. 


Nevertheless, some of us (Including me) may not be so gifted in our physicality. Well, appreciate what we have and work other things, such as our charm, our heart and so on.! =)

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