8 Things Only Malaysians Who Moved To Klang Valley Will Learn


You either move to Klang Valley to study, work or you think it’s a better place to live. And here are the things that you learned.

1. You learn that your RM50 last longer in your hometown

2. The LRT, Monorail and KTM doors will close on you no matter what


Public transportation here will either annoy you or amaze you. But mostly annoy you.

3. You will learn that rats here are bigger and they are not scared of you


4. Everyone is on Tinder…Doesn’t matter if they are single or not

Image Source: vulcanpost.my
Image Source: vulcanpost.my

5. Traffic is way worse than you ever imagined 


You learn that driving became stressful.

6. There is no one of everything

Back in your hometown there is always this one shopping mall, supermarket or even mamak to go to. But in Klang Valley, there is 20 of everything.

7. You learn how to not choose where to eat

where to eat

If it’s in your hometown, you just know where to eat.

8. You will learn that there is no such thing as spacious and reasonably priced apartment, condos and house

The property is either expensive and small OR big and expensive.

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