8 Things Malaysian College Boys Can’t Do Without

Featured Image via befunky.com

1. Dota 2


2. Google & Wikipedia 


Without these helpful tools, our assignments will not be submitted.

3. Facebook & YouTube

Anytime we’re stuck on something with the assignment, we can’t help but to pop over to Facebook and YouTube to see what’s going on. Only to find that we spent half an hour watching videos and we have forgotten what we were working on.

4. Allowance

No allowance = No money = Work part time

5. Instant noodles 


6. Procrastination 


We procrastinate efficiently

7. Gadgets 

Without gadgets, let’s just say our lives will be in a mess.

8. Girls 

It’s a fact that our days spent in college are less interesting without girls, but sadly girls can just go on without us boys. Well, one of the many reasons that puts girls off is that we try too hard at times.

Here’s an example of a guy trying too hard where he’s coming off as pretentious and fake:

In other words, we got to keep our cool in front of the ladies and whenever you think you’re trying too hard, grab a Sprite and refresh your way out.

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