8 Terrifying Facts About Doctors

facts about doctors

Doctors are scary. What you are about to read below will probably freak you out a little. But these are true facts and you have the rights to know.

1. Patients are misdiagnosed as much as 15% of the time (That’s 1 in 7 people)



2. Less than HALF of Doctors report having admitted an error to a patient!

less than half


3. Hospitals  leave sponges and surgical devices inside patients at least 6,000 times a year 



4. Doctors use MAGGOTS on infected skin when antibiotics don’t work!



5. Doctors are also paid to promote certain prescription drugs! As much as RM400,000 a year!

prescription drugs


6. Hospitals report a 40% compliance with proper hand washing protocol which can spread deadly germs and infections like MRSA!



7. Surgeons who play video games like Call of Duty or Battlefield make fewer errors and they also work faster

call of duty


8. Doctors’ sloppy handwriting causes 7,000 deaths per year!

doctors hand writing

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