8 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Peugeot From Desa Pandan Showroom


What car to buy can be a hassle at times. But that’s not a problem when you’ve finally got a budget you’ve been saving up form all those sweaty hours at work. What do you look for in a car? Simply because of these two factors; image and facilities.

1. Over at Desa Pandan Peugeot showroom, they offer a very comfortable atmosphere for their customers with good sofas to relax on when you’re waiting for your car to be serviced. And while you’re chilling under the air cond and in front of a LCD flat screen TV, you get to enjoy endless refills of drinks. You get t choose between white coffee, mocha and cappuccino. All from coffee machine, so you don’t have to worry who’s using their dirty fingers to make your coffee

2. What is important here, is the service they offer. Well, the sales consultants here are really polite and well mannered.

3. People always ask the same question right after giving the down payment or more often right after their booking fee. ”When will I get my car?” Well, at Desa Pandan showroom, cars are restock after every sale. Don’t just take the sales consultants word. Walk up to the second floor and choose your own car as that’s where their stock yard is. Cars here are under a roof shade and are under air conditioned 24/7 all year long.

4. The beauty of the showroom there is not only cars or the building or the service. It’s the location. Why? Because in Malaysia, you’ve got traffic jams. What better place to test drive then at Desa Pandan. You’ll get to experience such as through muddy roads for the suspensions and torque, traffic jams for the comfortability of the car, empty roads to test the maximum speed of the car and finally corners to test the stability of the car .


5. Let’s talk about the customer service now. Sales consultants here are as I mention before are really helpful and friendly. The management was good enough to hire people who love to talk to people. As when you enter the showroom, you would find not just one sales consultant but often two attending to your attention. For some reason, the sales consultants’s there love to talk to each other’s customers which is a very good way of avoiding boredom and at least you get more than one perspective about the car.

6. Facilities are important when you talk about how it’s maintained. For a public building where people go in and out everyday, you’ll be surprised with how well the toilets, work shops and showroom is kept clean. You wouldn’t find that funky stench there which you would often smell from the petrol station’s restrooms. Comfort is one a definite ”Yes” if you talk about Peugeot Desa Pandan.

7. If you’re thinking of rushing over somewhere important after getting your car serviced but your car looks like it’s been soaking in a jar of dust for year, not to worry as they wash your car every time when you bring your car there for servicing. Save time and money.

8. If you’re thinking of heading down to the showroom during lunch hour for a test drive or for servicing, there is no such thing as geting hungry as you’ve got loads of Malay stalls, Mamak food shops, Chinese restaurants and some fast food chains near the showroom. And you know what’s the best part? It’s all packed in one decent district. Everything is just walking distance away from each other.

For more information on Peugeot car models from Desa Pandan showroom feel free to contact Colin Kay (Sales Representative) – 017-305 2344

Written by FunnyMalaysia

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