8 Questions a Boyfriend will Normally Ask The Girlfriend

boyfriend ask their girlfriend

We recently posted the questions a girlfriend will normally ask their boyfriends and now it’s time for the boys to “discover” the questions they have been asking their girlfriends all this while.

1. Can we NOT go shopping?

can we not go shopping


2. Can we STAY at home instead?

never happens


When your boyfriend tells you to stay at home instead, now you know exactly what he wants. Sorry gents!

3. Can I Dota for awhile? 

dota steal boyfriends


We know you are crazily sick of this habit. But we can’t help it especially when they made a better quality version called Dota 2.

4. Can you just give me a few more minutes?

time for boyfriends


We all are pretty aware that the minutes we asked for will turn into hours. It’s not that we are concentrating on something, it’s just that when you ladies ask us questions like “can you do the dishes”, and  “can you come here”, it somehow makes us even lazier and be more comfortable with the current position.

5. What’s for lunch/dinner?

whats for lunch


We never wake up for breakfast.

6. Can we do THIS instead of THAT?

you got that right


7.  Do you see what that girl is wearing!? That’s so inappropriate!

wth is she wearing


Sorry Gents! It’s time to break it down to the ladies. We normally ask this particular question just to check them out.  

8. Can we go to somewhere else cheaper?


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