8 Most haunted places in Penang

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1. Penang War Museum (Batu Maung)

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The heavily tree lined road heading into the museum and the quiet surroundings; not to mention the isolated feeling seems to transport one back to the days of the WWII and it is just right, as this was believed to be the site where the British built the fort to defend against the Japanese attacks back then in the 1930s. Due to the Japanese invasion in the 1941; where the Japanese took the British by surprise when they arrived on bicycle to conquer Malaya by land instead of by sea as the British had expected, this site was then believed to be an execution site where massacre killings had taken place.
This place, is also popular as a tourist attraction and for education purposes as it showcases the events of the WWII. Besides, there is also a night tour and an overnight dormitory stay/camp available (though I am not sure whether this was for the educational purpose or for the experience?)
After dark, sightings of Japanese soldiers apparition was witnessed by some of the locals/guards on duty.
Many tourists flock to this place for its educational and historical value/experience on the WWII in Penang, and the War Museum has earned compliments from her visitors.
Haunted or not, it is not my say, but it has been featured by various documentaries including National Geographic and it tops the list as the most haunted place in Malaysia.
2. Hundred Years Mansion (Relau)

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Another popular spot known for its hauntings throughout the whole of Penang island and in fact even internationally, may I add as various filming crew from other countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan have made it here to conduct their own paranormal investigations and detecting any unworldly activities after the earthly hours. Aimed to capture any form of interesting hint that may suggest some spiritual forces at work, these teams are bent on producing an enticing documentary production on the spooks around the world. Some of them did not leave this place disappointed, as there were cases of possessions and even arising discomfort as one lingers around this place after the sun has set.
Word has it that this place was so haunted that even the neighbouring temples or shrines built surrounding the location were unable to control the restless spirits.
While it may also raise eyebrows that the location of this haunted and abandoned mansion was apparently next to a public park and also residential areas (there are houses and condominiums nearby), it was said that demolition works have been carried out previously but to no avail as somehow the workers would meet with mishaps or the machineries would break down upon reaching the mansion thus discontinuing all the work.
3. Junction near Union School 

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Notoriously famous for the busy traffic flow and also this being a famous deadly junction, it is one that many Penangites would look out for especially when driving through this famous road at night. It is not a road which many can avoid as this is the main spinal road linking to Georgetown and the famous Batu Ferringhi or affluent Pulau Tikus area. It could appear funny to you how a busy junction like this (it is a huge T-junction, mind you) which witnesses heavy traffic flow throughout the day; especially during peak hours could also sport a spooky reputation of being a deadly junction. It just simply did not make sense, I am sure, but mention the name of this junction and I am sure most Penangites would tell you solemnly, to be careful when driving past this place particularly past midnight.
Fatal accidents have been known to occur over the years and the road has claimed so many lives that even installing the surveillance/speed cameras at the four corners did not help. There are also traffic lights at these junctions, and yet accidents happen, you wonder?
4. Vale of Tempe

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If there is a deadly junction, this is a deadly road known to many locals.
Originally built as an access road to a reservoir, this is a rather winding road with sharp bends and without street lights. To add to the danger of the road, there are no surrounding barriers at the side of the road and cars driving recklessly could lose their balance or control off the edge of the road and plunge into the deep ravine down there.
Due to the high number of accidents occurring on this road, it is no wonder the road earned its nickname and reputation.
The famous haunting associated with this road is that of a young girl who was believed to have died there; and various versions have stemmed from this rumor (as with most rumors).
One said that her death was caused by a policeman (for whatever reason), and therefore it is said that the female ghost preys on policemen; and the local policemen would never dare to drive along this road for fear of bumping into her.
Another was that she died in an accident and then she continues to haunt drivers along that road by appearing. It seemed that many reported of seeing her in white and long hair, and because she appears at the side of the road, many tried to avoid her by swerving their car and thus ending up driving off the cliff to their own deaths.
5. Shih Chung Branch School

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This is another famous location for paranormal investigation and filming; from local film makers to the famous Hong Kong/Taiwan’s supernatural documentary which flew in to document their own experiences in this long abandoned and rather rundown school located near Lebuh Farquhar.
While most schools were already said to be haunted (just like hospitals), this particular school was turned into a military administrative building for the Japanese during their occupation period back then during the WWII days. Like most other Japanese sites, there were perhaps also captives brought back who were then abused or tortured to their deaths. It was said there were hauntings of Japanese soldiers roaming the building, and even though the building was not entirely covered, the sight of the building is enough to send the chill down one’s spine even as one drives past the school.
6. Penang Bridge 

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This is perhaps a little forgotten by the younger generation, but not by the earlier generation as I remember hearing stories of this iconic landmark being such a spooky place especially past midnight.
While it gained its title as the third longest bridge in Southeast Asia at one point due to the long running distance of the bridge, this also became the breeding ground for many local illegal racing activities past midnight on the bridge. Perhaps it was these reckless driving or illegal racing which led to many fatal accidents, the bridge has seen its share of spooky incidents in its early days as well.
From heads floating beside the cars and figures seen jumping off the bridge, many drivers have reported such spooky encounters of their own when they drive on the bridge at the unearthly hours past midnight and into the wee hours before dawn. In fact, many has been told not to look at the side or rear mirror when driving alone in the dead hours of the night.
The bridge had claimed many lives; from fatal car accidents to suicide cases (people jump to their deaths from the middle point of the bridge).
7. Haunted bungalow on Penang Hill

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Coming back down the hill from the highest point I found this old house and as you can see from the old tennis court now overgrown with weeds and grass it has been abandoned for a long time…The legend says that a family from England came to live here in 1903 after it was made for them. They stayed in the house one week and came back down the hill for some supplies and food. After they went back up to the house they were never heard from again. There is a swing that’s on a tree that has been cut down several times but each time the rope is back on the tree with the swing hanging down and moving.
8. 99-door Mansion at Byram Estate Nibong Tebal

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99-door mansion was built in 1840, that the Japanese army used this place as their command centre during the World War II. Local residents often heard Japanese conversations at night. Later, it’s said that a family that rented the place was bring cursed. The mansion is located in the oil palm plantations and has 99 door thus it adds a mysterious and creepy feeling.

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