8 Facts About Sri Murugan Centre (SMC)

1. Sri Murugan Centre(SMC) was  founded on September 24, 1982 by Tan Sri Dato Dr. M. Thambirajah together with a group comprising 42 students of the Tamil Language Society and some lecturers of University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur.
2. Sri Murugan Centre has a very strict dress code. Guys have to wear formal (including tie) and the girls they have to wear punjabi suit.
3. Classes are usually on Saturdays and Sundays (Sundays usually 8am to 5pm).
4. Not only the dress code of SMC is strict, they also have many other rules. For example, if you skip a class they would actually call your parents and ask your parents why you actually skip that day’s class.
5. They also make you study like a workhorse in order to reach your grades in your examinations. Many of us complain with the amount of work given as we can’t cope up with the school’s homework and SMC’s homework.
6. Sometimes wearing a full formal attire ain’t a good thing, as sometimes classrooms tend to be filled with hundreds of students which is powered by one air conditioner.
7. The tuition fees here is really cheap compared to other tuition centres.
8. Even though, some of us might complain that some of the rules made by Sri Murugan Centres(SMC) are abit too much, but they have their reasons to serve a better purpose in your future.

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