8 Addiction of Malaysians Today

malaysians today

1 Selfies 

asian selfie

Selfie after wake up, selfie after brush teeth, selfie for being tired, selfie for being formal or informal, yeeeaaahhhh, you can see all of these in Malaysians!

2. Wifi

free wifi

Goes to a restaurant or café and asks.. “Bang, ada wifi tak kat sini? Apa password?” Malaysians just need wifi wherever they go, guess everyone are so important these days to remain connected.

3. Smartphones


You can see, old ones and even young ones including kids these days are holding smart phone all the time. While eating, while sleeping, while being in a class, while cooking.. and the lists just goes on and on. If Malaysians could marry smartphone, they would live happily ever after..

4. Facebook


Who gets addicted in scrolling a page up and down for one to two hours? Malaysians can be rewarded! They can just scroll and scroll Facebook the whole day seeing the same thing.

5. Instagram 

remove my makeup

Almost their whole day diary in visuals are laid in Instagram, from the food they eat, places they go, and also boring days. Imagine, a photo to potray a boring day? Malaysians are just too creative!

6. Speaking about Instagram, we are also addicted to capturing ALL EATING ITEMS #foodporn

food porn

As soon as the food reaches their table, whether prayers are being said or not, a capture of their food from a perfect angle is definitely not to be missed.

7. Snapchat 

normal snapchat

8. Watching YouTube videos 

watching all the youtube

Most Malaysians these days are addicted in watching Youtube videos. Cartoon, documentaries, movies, humuors, viral videos.. and almost everything.. As long there is Youtube, they will never get bored.

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