7 Ways Chinese New Year has changed over time in Malaysia

chinese new year malaysia
1. We used to send wishes through greeting cards those days, or even give a phone call…

chinese new year greeting card

But now, we wish through Facebook status and tag everyone, or just an SMS
2. We used to have family reunion dinner at home, with all family members eating together…

reunion dinner

But now, we book hotel reunion dinners few weeks earlier and have our reunion dinner in hotels
3. We used to talk, play and share stories with our family, relatives and grandparents when they are all at home for Chinese New Year…


But now, we are all too busy with our smartphones, or tabs to check Facebook and Instagram, or post our selfies with new outfit #ootd
4. We are still following the tradition of wearing new clothes for Chinese New Year, but yeah, those days, Cheongsam and Samfu were the ones we will look for…

traditional cny costume

But today, modern attires are good enough! ( But some still do practice wearing their traditional costumes)
5. We used to sit together and bake cookies.. those kuih kapit and pineapple tarts..

kuih kapit at home cny

But today, we will just go the shops and get them or order it from someone, all packed nicely
6. Yee Sang used to be prepared at home with love for reunion dinner…

yee sang

But now, we can find packaged Yee Sang… Things are just too convenient for us these days
7. We used to spend our Chinese New Year day by visiting friends and family…


But these days, we spend the day going to cinemas or hanging out, or even going for holidays and vacations
But despite all these changes over time in Malaysia, one thing definitely does not change! 


Although things have changed overtime, but people in Malaysia still give it importance. Everyone still celebrates it, only in their own ways…Happy Chinese New Year!

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