7 Types of Traffic Jam in Malaysia

the festival jam in malaysia

No one likes to be caught up in a traffic jam. But do you know that traffic jams happen unusually often in Malaysia? Well, below are the reasons.

1. The BreakDown Jam

car breakdown jam in malaysia

2. The Accident Jam

malaysia accident road jam

3. The Unknown Jam (Have you ever been caught up in a traffic jam and you don’t know what is the jam all about? But as you go further, the traffic seems to be moving very smooth. Well, that’s called the Unknown Jam.

the unknown jam malaysia

4. The Festival Jam (Don’t you just wish to be on the other side of the road?)

the festival jam in malaysia 

5. The Government Jam (Happens at 4.00PM)

the government jam

6. The Private Sector Jam (Happens at 5.00PM)

the private sector jam malaysia

7. The Workers That Goes Off Late So As To Avoid The Jams (Happens at 6.00PM)

6 pm jam