7 Things a confident guy does differently

Ralph (Henry Lloyd Hughes)

1. Create happiness 


A confident guy create their own happiness through positivity and strength of mind. They don’t seek validation and praise from other people as they believe in their own abilities.

2. Don’t advertise their success 

Talking about all the things he’s accomplished is not what a truly confident guy does. A confident guy hustles in silence and lets his successes do the talking for themselves.

3. Center of attention is not important

They don’t need to draw attention to themselves because they don’t rely on outside sources to feel secure or worthy.

Refresh yourselves when you’re in doubt, or when facing a similar situation like Mat Sprite in the video below:

4. They know what they are doing

They know who they are, and they know what type of life they want to live. In other words, they make their own choices in life.

5. Deals with rejection

It doesn’t matter if a girl or their career shuts the door on them, a confident guy will continue to push forward because they know what they are capable of.

6. Say “Thank You” when complimented 


This is the only response a confident guy can make.

7. Listen more than speak

A truly confident guy can fall back and listen to others because they don’t need to project the fact that they’re confident.

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