7 Crazy Facts About Women

women crazy

What you are going to read below will definitely blow your mind. It’s all based on a research done by different parties across the globe. Enjoy, folks!

1. Women’s Brain are Built for SPEED

womens brain


Now you know why you can’t stop thinking, ladies.

2. More women are born compared to men

lots of women


2011 in United States, there are roughly about 8 Million more women compared to men!

3. Women’s Fart are Smellier

woman fart smellier


Ladies, you can’t do anything about this.

4. Breast Size Doesn’t Really Affect The Production of Milk

breast size


So gentlemen, stop being picky!

5. Women grow babies in their Abdomen! 

women grow babies in their abdomen


This is seriously some crazy !@#$!

6. Women have tiny tear ducts

women have tiny tear ducts


This certainly explains all the tears which flows easily on their cheeks.

7. ALL MEN ARE ONCE A WOMAN! (THE CRAZIEST AMONG ALL) even the guy down there was a woman!

even this guy down here


That’s right! In the womb we all start with female sex organs! Everyone is or was a female.

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