62% of Malaysians are not satisfied with their sex lives

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Durex Global Face of Sex survey shows that 74 percent of Malaysians are having sex at least once a week, putting our country in the Top 10 list compiled worldwide ranked according to percentage; to be more precise No.7 after Greece, Brazil, Russia, China, Italy and Poland.

Image Credit: malaysiandigest.com
Image Credit: malaysiandigest.com

But if you ask how sexually satisfied are Malaysians, and the answer is the completely opposite.

That’s right! 62% of Malaysians are not satisfied with their sex lives and the loss of romance and sexual prowess are the main reasons for the lack of sexual satisfaction. In fact, in the same survey, Malaysia ranks in the bottom eight countries of least sexually satisfied countries.

Clearly enough, this indicates that many Malaysians do not feel satisfied with the sex they are getting although they realized that sex plays a pivotal role in our physical and emotional well-being. In fact, it is important that we protect and nurture our sexual health as well as that of our partner’s in a bid to maintain a healthy marital relationship.

Sexual satisfaction also refers to the pleasant feeling of sexual activity or positive attitude to sexual behaviour. Past studies have provided evidence that sexual satisfaction is positively associated with overall relationship satisfaction as well as communication and relationship satisfaction.

So now close your eyes and how long does it take before your mind wanders to sex? It is indisputable that most of us think about it quite a bit. It feels good as it increases our sense of well-being.

It is important to note that being able to achieve sexual satisfaction can help boost our immune system, emotional well-being and even our lifespan.

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