6 Ways to Save Petrol in Malaysia

safe petrol

It’s definitely a problem for your pocket when it comes to fuel price increase, especially in high traffic cities like Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Here are some ways to safe money on petrol.

1. Keep your tyres at the right pressure

tyres at the right pressure


Do you know that correctly inflated tyres are safer, last longer and increases the fuel economy?


2. Use Higher Gears

higher gears


The higher the gear the lower your engine speed is which can definitely help improve fuel efficiency. Change gear at a good time and never “redline” the rev counter.

3. Avoid Carrying Excess Weight

avoid extra luggage


Do you know that every excess KG affects your fuel efficiency? Therefore, keep your boot and back seat clear of unnecessary items that adds weight to your car.

4. Use Air Conditioning Sparingly

car airconditioning


Do you know that air conditioners in your car uses fuel to operate? Turn off your air-cond once in a while or increase the temperature. 

5. Avoid Excess Idling

idling gets you nowhere


Do you know that leaving your car ON gets you nowhere and also burns fuel? Turn it off even if you are waiting for your boyfriend and girlfriend. 

6. Plan trips carefully and avoid Rush Hour

rush hour in malaysia'


I’m pretty sure all of you know about this.

Share this useful post with your friends and family too and let us all start saving fuel!

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