6 Ways To Be The Best Girlfriend Ever


Love and relationships are part and parcel of life. And I can guarantee you that no one will say that it is easy.

While there are a lot of articles out there telling you how to be a good girlfriend, it isn’t all about whether you can cook the perfect steak or how well you can contort your body. What they don’t tell you is that the top prerequisite for being in a great relationship is to be your best self.

Here are 6 ways to win the most amazing girlfriend award.

1. Be direct.

Not passive aggressive.

Men’s brains are simple and they simply don’t get your passive aggressive moves. If they ask you if you’re okay and you say ‘yes’, they will take it at face value. It doesn’t matter if you were acting cold and had your angry face on while you said it.

2. Show appreciation.

We are so often focused on what the boyfriend did wrong that we forget that all of us make mistakes. And while he may have done something wrong, perhaps his intentions were good? Did that cross your mind?

Give it some thought before the next time you explode at your beloved.


3. Give him space.

It is very easy to slide into couple mode and overlook the fact that both you and him are individuals. And individuals need individual time. While spending time together is good, some space and distance might actually strengthen the relationship.


4. Have a life outside of your relationship.

Again, couple mode. ‘We’ and ‘us’ become the focus of your life, so much so that you start to neglect your friends and family. Yes, your relationship is important but so are the ties you have with the people who love and care for you. Spend time with them.


5. Take care of yourself.

One of the perks of being in a relationship is how comfortable you can be in front of each other—no make up, messy hair, pyjamas all day. But if you would get all dressed and made up when you go out with other people, why wouldn’t you do the same with your boyfriend?


6. Smile.

It isn’t just smiling that is infectious, it is also the positive energy that you radiate. Life is already stressful and difficult as it is, seeing you should be the high point of his day. And what is a better way to greet the person you love than with a smile?


Written by Joan Chen

Psychology graduate, K-pop enthusiast and bibliophile.