6 Ways Clubbing Takes Its Toll On Your Body


Clubbing is all about having the best of time, drinking and getting high.

But this lifestyle has some adverse effects. Clubbing:

1. Kills your skin.

What happens when alcohol, smoky and dirty atmosphere and late nights combine?

Answer: Terrible skin.


2. Kills your liver.

Alcohol is bad for your health. Everybody knows that.


3. Kills your sleeping time.

One too many sleepless nights and you’re really just the walking dead.


4. Kills your bank account.

Clubbing is not cheap, not at all.


5. Kills your reputation.

Getting wasted one time can be considered an experience but when it’s too many times to count, it’s really not cute any more.


6. Kills your life.

You will reach a stage where you wonder what exactly do you gain from spending tons of money on something that hurts your body when you could be getting a decent night of sleep.


Written by Joan Chen

Psychology graduate, K-pop enthusiast and bibliophile.