6 Types Of Kisses You Can Find In Korean Dramas

Korean dramas are the epitome of romance and frustration.

But did you know, romance and frustration are the perfect ingredients for some lip on lip action.

1. The “Almost But Didn’t” Kiss

Potong stim max.


2. The “Indirect” Kiss

Korean dramas memang drama. Lips never touch also can become so romantic.


3. The “Take Advantage” Kiss

Boys, watch and learn.


4. The “Crying” Kiss

Why kiss also must cry wan? Sigh.


5. The “OMG Shut Up” Kiss

The perfect way to shut a girl up.


6. The “Mixed Signal” Kiss

The guy who is always arguing and treating the girl badly but deep down, he actually likes her.


Written by Joan Chen

Psychology graduate, K-pop enthusiast and bibliophile.