6 Things You Wish You Told Your Younger Self About Dating


In life, there are some experiences that you have to go through before you can become a wiser person.

In the world of love, dating and relationships, there are times where you wished you could tell your younger self the lessons you have learned so that you didn’t have to suffer through them. Here are some of those lessons.

1. Having feelings is normal, even healthy.

Even when it’s just a fling, it’s perfectly normal to feel something about it. When you share a part of your life with someone, it’s only natural that there is some sort of emotional exchange.


Don’t let someone make you feel silly because you cared.

2. There is nothing wrong with your body.

All the time you spend worrying and fretting over your perceived imperfections could be better used looking for the person who would accept you just the way you are.


P.S. When you look back and realised how you great you looked, you’d regret wasting all that time obsessing over your image. I know I did.

3. Pay attention to red flags and take them seriously.

This is one hard lesson to learn because all of us wear our rose-tinted glasses and only see the pleasant things in our relationships. But if he/she mistreats people in their lives, they are likely to mistreat you. If he/she is dishonest in their work, they might be dishonest in the relationship.


Pro Tip: If you think you can change him/her, you can’t.

4. Do not be afraid of having tough conversations.

You worry that you would scare him/her away if you start asking about their 5-year plan and how many kids they want. But if such questions are important to you, don’t waste time on people who can’t give you straight answers.


5. Relationships are hard.

It takes a lot of work, open communication, patience and compassion. It’s not all destiny, fate and happily-ever-afters.

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Also, have reasonable expectations for your partner, yourself and your relationship.

6. Most importantly, enjoy life whether you’re single or in a relationship.

They both have their ups and downs but they’re both great. There’s no point complaining and being miserable, just enjoy the time you have whether it’s on your own or with someone else.


Written by Joan Chen

Psychology graduate, K-pop enthusiast and bibliophile.