6 Things You Should NOT Do With Your Partner In The 1st Year of Relationship


Studies have shown that it takes only about 12 months for a relationship to start losing its sizzle.

And if that really does happen, here are some things you might want to avoid doing with your partner until you’ve passed the danger stage.

1. Sign up for phone plan together

Yes, it may be cheaper and save you some money but the hassle in the event that you two do not stay together is so not worth it.


2. Get a pet together

This is important because we’re not just talking about an object or a phone plan, this is a living breathing thing. If the both of you cannot commit to it, don’t get a pet.


3. Meet each other’s extended families

Especially during big days such as grandmother’s birthday or Chinese New Year. How awkward would it be to explain where your partner went during the next CNY?

A traditional reunion dinner of a family at home on Chinese New Year eve. (file pix) AZMAN GHANI

4. Make long-term holiday plans

Yes, I know flight tickets are really cheap when you buy them super early but what happens if things don’t work out? Are you still going on the trip together?


5. Get him/her super expensive presents

Presents are good, you should give them to your partner but getting them a super expensive watch or bag so early in the relationship especially if you don’t have the financial ability is not very smart.


6. Move in together

Co-habiting brings its own set of problems that could be hard to resolve if the relationship doesn’t last. Like the pet, only commit to it when your relationship is really stable.


Written by Joan Chen

Psychology graduate, K-pop enthusiast and bibliophile.