6 Things you should know about the Total Oil Malaysia and Badminton World Federation partnership

1. The partnership was announced at a press conference on 3rd April 2015, during the Maybank Malaysia Open 2015

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2. For those of you who don’t know, Total is committed to delivering outstanding performance and endurance of car engines with TOTAL QUARTZ car engine oil 
Interesting Facts: Do you know that Total lubricants for cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles and industries have been present in Malaysia for more than 30 years?
3. According to Badminton World Federation (BWF) Secretary General, this new partnership with Total is a natural fit as and it will definitely bring benefits to both party

total and bwf

4. On top of that, we think this partnership would work as they both also share similar key corporate values and goals
5. And the fact that Malaysia is continuously holding one of the top ranking spots in badminton worldwide, this partnership timing is definitely perfect
6. Malaysia has a huge badminton following and we are pretty sure local fans will appreciate what Total Oil Malaysia has in store for all of you Malaysians

total and bwf partnership

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