6 things to say goodbye to in 2016


You have gone through a lot in 2015 and 2016 might not be any different.

But here are some things you should learn to let go when you welcome the new year.

1. Negativity

Say goodbye to the voices in your head that says you can’t do it. Say goodbye to the people who always rain on your parade. Say goodbye to things that do no add a single good into your life.


2. Embarrassing moments

Say goodbye to all the times in 2015 where you wanted to hide yourself from embarrassment. Say goodbye to all those moments you weren’t proud of that keeps you up at night. Remember that you are just human and mistakes happen.


3. Bad times

Say goodbye to the times you cried and the times you were hurt and in pain. Say goodbye to the times that you were rejected or disappointed. Instead, give yourself a pat on the back for overcoming all the obstacles you have faced.


4. People who don’t deserve you

Say goodbye to people who are toxic to you; people who take you for granted, people who treat you like sh*t, people you don’t even really know and adds no value to your life. Focus on the ones who loves you and cares for you.


5. That one memory that replays too often

Say goodbye to that one memory that has been replaying in your mind. Whether it was good or bad, it is all just a memory now. Holding on to it will not make you feel better. It is now time to make a new memory.


6. Lost opportunities

Say goodbye to the resolutions you never kept. Say goodbye to the chances you lost due to your own fault or someone else’s. Say goodbye to the open doors that you did not walk through. Just remember to catch them when they come by again.


Written by Joan Chen

Psychology graduate, K-pop enthusiast and bibliophile.