6 Things Shy Girls Do In Front Of Their Crush


Ah, that conflicting feeling of joy and despair at seeing the person you’ve been secretly liking for a while—we have all been through that.

But it’s a million times worse when you’re shy. You are happy to see your crush but at the same time, a million things are running through your mind.

1. “If I stare at him long enough, maybe he’ll notice me.”

*stares hole into back off his head*


2. “Why am I blushing so much? He’s not even saying anything relevant.”

No other reason than it being him.c0

3. “I’m not stalking him, but I wouldn’t mind bumping into him.”

No, I didn’t see that he checked in to this place.


4. “OMG, he’s looking at me! What should I do?”

Should I stare back? Should I look away? Why do movies make it look so easy?


5. *giggles*

At everything and anything he says.


6. “Urgh, why didn’t I think of this just now?”

Only think of some smart witty comeback three hours after talking to him.


The struggle is real.


Written by Joan Chen

Psychology graduate, K-pop enthusiast and bibliophile.