6 Things Every Girl Who Clubs Know To Be True


Look, parties and clubbing are fun. It’s a good way to release stress, celebrate a special occasion or just to enjoy the loud pumping music.

But as a girl, there are certain things we know will very likely happen when we party/club.

1. Making sure our clothes are intact.

Why does looking good means we have to be uncomfortable? I’ll never get it.

Constantly checking our dress haven’t slipped off our boobs, making sure the hem of our skirts is covering our bottoms, ensuring that whatever is holding our clothes in place are still doing that—urgh, the irony.


2. Feet hurting like hell after 10 minutes in heels.

Aren’t there articles everywhere about how heels are detrimental to our health? And still we suffer in them because they make us look taller and slimmer.


3. Make-up running off.

After 1 or 2 hours of grinding and bumping, things are bound to get hot. And what happens when it gets hot? Your make-up running off.


4. Phones nowadays are too big for our tiny bags.

Which we must use to carry our stuff because ain’t no one wants to be holding a huge lump of thing on the dance floor.

But how are we suppose to fit our gigantic phones into pretty tiny clutches?


5. Guys acting like animals hunting for food.

Seriously, it’s the best analogy to describe the group of guys who surrounds a group of girls on the dance floor as if they’ve caught a scent and needs to hunt down the prey.


6. It’s worse when they can’t take a hint and leave us alone.

If we want you, it’ll be pretty obvious. But if we don’t, it’s even more obvious.


Written by Joan Chen

Psychology graduate, K-pop enthusiast and bibliophile.