6 Struggles Every One Addicted To Korean Dramas Go Through


Korean dramas have a strange way of drawing people in and never letting us go.

While there are very good American and Chinese TV shows around, Korean dramas have a strange allure that draws us in and hook us right up. If you are one of those who can’t escape the K-drama’s clutch, you would know these struggles.

1. Waiting for the next episode

Got to wait for people to sub and upload them, by the time we get to watch, it’s already 3 days after it aired. Not that we’re complaining, subbers are the best!


2. Second lead syndrome

You can’t help but to fall for the guy that does everything for the girl and loses her to the main lead. That poor guy!


3. Plot twists

The professionals should be able to spot the plot twists by the 5th episode by now— whether there was some hidden family connection or past relationship or hidden illness, Korean dramas sure knows how to get creative.



Korean dramas are made to plunge a knife in your heart, twist it and leave you bleeding. I can’t tell you how much tears I’ve shed while watching the shows.


5. Unrealistic romantic expectations

Because Korean dramas have the best romance.


6. When a Korean drama ends

What is life?!


Written by Joan Chen

Psychology graduate, K-pop enthusiast and bibliophile.