6 Reasons why every Malaysian should drive a manual car

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There was a time when knowing the art of shifting gears by yourself while driving is not an art, but a necessity. Then technology in the automotive industry advanced where cars of today are not only safer, powerful and efficient, but also able to shift gears without the driver’s intervention. From the basic four-speed slush boxes to the advanced double-clutch transmission, automatics have sadly putting the good-old manuals into the paths of the dinosaur.
 Factoring the traffic conditions which got worse till this day, people are starting to abandon manual transmission cars in favour of automatics. That leads to the declining demand of cars with manual transmission to a point where spotting a new car sold with manual transmission is like spotting a unicorn.
However, fret not, as the writer thinks that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel for minorities (aka car enthusiast) who loves driving by shifting gears the old fashion way. In fact, here are few facts on why you should drive a manual transmission car!
1. You’ll be a more focused driver
Driving a “stick” requires focus as there is nothing else to help you change gears apart from yourself. You’re required to use both arms and legs to operate a manual transmission, hence there is no way you will have time to browse your phone’s Facebook or Instagram while driving. In short, it prevents accidents and encourages safer driving!
 2. You’ll have more control

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We are the masters of our destiny and that also applies to manual cars. Whether the car is driven smoothly or as aggressive is depending on your gear changes. In fact, you can get more money out from such cars by shifting gears early and smoothly, which leads to better fuel consumption. Which actually explains…
3. It’s cheaper to buy and maintain a manual car

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Cars with manual transmissions are 10-20% more fuel efficient than the automatic equivalent. Even better, cars that offered with manual gearbox are cheaper to buy compared to automatics. Not forgetting, manual transmission are much simpler than the automatic (more so, the double-clutch versions, hence it is cheaper to maintain in the long run. For example, manuals require less frequent oil change compared to the automatic.
4. It’s an effective thief deterrent 
Worried of your beloved car get stolen by the pesky thieves? Fret not, as the “stick” is a much effective security system than the Thatcham Category 5 system! Take a look on Youtube and you’ll be surprised there are many cases of car thieves foiled by thieves unable to operate the manual!
5. You’ll look more awesome and sexy with a manual car

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As auto cars are so “mainstream”, it wouldn’t be hurt if you decided to be different by driving the good old “stick”. Impress your mates by showing off your gear shifting and clutch operating skills, either by driving smoothly, doing heel-and-toe and shifting gears like Toretto while on traffic lights. The fact is why movies such as Fast and Furious series are making billions worldwide as because the heroes had taught us that driving with a manual is so much cool. Imagine the race scenes if Toretto was driving an automatic instead.
6. Fun, fun and fun!

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While automatics makes driving much simpler and prevents drivers from making silly stalling errors, petrolheads felt a sense of disconnect while driving such cars: it is less fun. While driving stick shift during traffic jams is torturing, the moment the roads are free, driving with a stick has found its purpose. Driving with a manual transmission when roads are empty and curvy bought a new definition of fun, especially for those who love to drive.
Travis Chang

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