6 Most Unique Hotels You Can Stay in Malaysia

cool hotels malaysia

1. Tubotel, Langkawi

tubotel langkawi

Tubotel is one of the best budget hotels you can find in Langkawi with an amazing sea view. It looks like a sewerage pipe doesn’t it? Well, the owner of this hotel actually purchased an abandoned underground sewerage pipe project and turned it into one of the most unique hotels here in Malaysia.
Staying one night in this hotel will only cost you RM138 or cheaper.

2. Bustel Klebang, Malacca

bustel malacca

bustel malacca2

Bustel Klebang is a brand new hotspot of Malacca with its first and only bus chalet concept in Malaysia. Aside from the standard rooms they provide in the bus, there are other buses around it which works as a restaurant/cafe making it very convenient and of course, unique.
Staying one night on the ‘bus’ will only cost you RM80

3. Hotel Kapal Selam/Submarine, Klebang

hotel submarine

Want to be a navy but not tall enough? Well, you can now feel like a true navy by living in an actual historical submarine located in Pantai Merah, Malacca. That’s right! — we are talking about the submarine which was used for war back in 1979 in France.
Staying one night in the submarine will only cost you RM150 or cheaper.

4. Container Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

container hotel kl

Container Hotel is built from renewable-freight-containers. Innovatively they were redesigned in the style of modernism with colorful and imaginative features. The cheerful and bright orange containers and the guest rooms in the structure of beer barrels greet the guest with a futuristic pink tank; a reliable watchman majestically guarding the creative vibe from being stolen away by the hustle and bustle of city life.
Container Hotel can be found in KLIA 2 and as well as No.1, Jalan Delima, Kuala Lumpur.
Staying one night in the container will only cost you as low as RM35.

5. Time Capsule Retreat Sungai Lembing, Pahang

cool hotels malaysia

time capsule

Time Capsule Retreat is a quiet and cozy little family run retreat located in the middle of the Sungai Lembing Town Kuantan, Pahang. It is facing a lush forest reserve with an amazing view, cool temperatures and great ambiance for relaxation and serenity.
Similar to Tubotel, Langkawi, the Time Capsule Retreat is also built with sewer pipes.
Staying one night in the ‘pipes’ will only cost you RM118 pr cheaper.

6. Seaventures Dive Resort, Sabah

oil rig hotel sabah

oil rigs

This is an abandoned oil rig which had been transformed into the world’s first ever scuba diving hotel. The isolated 25-bedroom Seaventures Dive Resort in Sabah is surrounded by a coral reef which is populated by regal sharks and barracudas, making it ideal for diving.
However, to stay here, you will have to go with their packages. Diving packages starts from RM2,730 for 4 days 3 nights and non-diving packages starts from RM2,185 for 4 days 3 nights.