6 Gross Last Minute Beauty Tips That Girls Do


Being a girl is not easy and there simply isn’t enough time in a day for us to look our best.

And because of this, girls have been very resourceful and creative for last-minute saves. Be forewarned, they can be kind of gross.

1. Taking a very (and I mean very) quick bath

Find the nearest washroom sink and splashing some soap and water on your smellier body parts.


2. Wearing underwear inside out

Sometimes you forget to pack an extra underwear, so just turn your underwear inside out. It’s not like anyone can see.


3. Using lipstick for blush

While some people actually do it for real, it’s more of a emergency situation kind of thing.


4. Taking a perfume shower

Ain’t nobody got time for a proper shower.


5. Brushing teeth with finger

Useful for when you’re out on a date but ordered a dish which will give you some unique smelling breath.


6. Using toilet paper as emergency pad

Pretty sure most girls have done this before. The ovaries can be pretty unpredictable.


Written by Joan Chen

Psychology graduate, K-pop enthusiast and bibliophile.